About us

Marilyn Tuesley and Jenny MacGregor M.B.E

                            I bought my first Charlie from Mrs. Madeline Harper in the early 70s and I was immediately in love. I had owned a few breeds before but never felt the connection that I did with Charlies. I knew my way around dog shows as I had been exhibiting for  several years in other breeds. I also stewarded at many championships shows over the years. 

                                           After many years in the breed I began to judge open shows and then went onto awarding CCs at Championship shows. I am now able to Judge here in the USA having been approved by the AKC.

                              I first met Jenny in the early 80s at Crufts she had just lost a beloved Charlie that had been bought as a present for her daughter by an admirer. We immediately became friends sharing a very quirky sense of humor. My circumstance changed and I had to move to a smaller house and was unable to keep all of my Charlies. Marilyn Tuesley                                            Jenny stepped in to save the day and took some of them temporally  until I got into a better position.

                                             We then became partners along with Geraldine Pierce so now Marsward was three. Like the musketeers we would travel off to the shows all ovJenny MacGregorer the UK. Geraldine being the one to select the shows and supply the best salmon sandwiches in Britain. We very often got sidetracked to wonderful garden centers arriving late and missing shows after traveling so long to get there, but we always had Fun.

                     Geraldine died very suddenly while on holiday and the shows just did not feel the same so I showed very little, the horse rescue SWHP soon overtook the lives of many and became a huge responsibility which pretty  well tied up the MacGregor household and still  does Swap                       Jenny MacGregor  

SOCIETY FOR THE WELFARE OF HORSES AND PONIES has it's own web site which you can visit and see many stories of success.    

                                                For all Jenny and Alistair's hard work and loyalty Jenny was awarded her MBE by The Queen 4 years ago, a very exciting day for her and Alistair. Jenny and Myself still carry on the Marsward Affix here in the USA and in the UK.

We breed occasionally and remain passionate about Charlies.